Nature’s Essentials (NE) platforms products that sustain health by wearing apparel made from plant-based fibers and, utilizing challenge-less daily essential tools. In 2012, Nature’s Daily Essentials (NE) became a reality when a prescribed drug poisoned me. After years of recovery and rehab, associates in the medical field encouraged my outreach. “Nature” focuses on fiber to skin contact with clothing made from natural Bamboo, Cotton, Down, Hemp, Leather, Linen, Rayon, and Wool. They have the following health benefits 1) Air-circulating, 2) Disease-resisting, 3) Heat-conducting, 4) Liquid-absorbing, 5) Moisture-wicking and 6) Odor-eliminating. Nature’s Daily Essentials (NE) is my response to all adults suddenly realizing the need for quality improvement products to live.