Naturals: Coffee: Colombia | Dark Roast | Single-Origin Whole Espresso Beans

Naturals: Coffee: Colombia | Dark Roast | Single-Origin Whole Espresso Beans

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These Colombian whole beans are robust and full-bodied, with well-balanced acidity and a slightly-sweet finish — which is why we recommend this single-origin roast for espresso. When prepared as espresso or a cappuccino, the beans offer a slightly-oily finish that brings out rich chocolate and nougat flavors, swirled with hints of almond and caramel.

Our single-origin whole coffee beans are sourced by an Italian coffee broker before we roast them with love in our Israel factory.

Dark roast

Sizes: 1kg (2.2 lbs) and 250g (8.8 oz) 

Cafe Joe’s state of the art coffee production facility is located in the city of Holon. It currently produces 300 tons of coffee annually, which are served as unique blends in our hundreds of cafes and other points of sale, as well as in the leading hotels and restaurants across Israel. Cafe Joe’s coffee production process begins with the importation of green coffee of only the highest international quality standards. The coffee is sourced from the finest coffee farms across the world and is vetted by coffee experts in Italy and then by our own in-house experts.  

Each coffee variety is roasted separately, in small batches. This allows Cafe Joe to preserve the individual flavor and scent profiles that are unique to the area from which the coffee originates.  Cafe Joe’s freshness is felt in the quality of the coffee and can be enjoyed in every sip.


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