Wool: Ladies: Patterned Knit Andean Alpaca Scarf.

Wool: Ladies: Patterned Knit Andean Alpaca Scarf.

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Rustic, earthy, and beautiful! These 100% alpaca hair scarves are handmade (fair trade) in Andean communities by people who love alpacas as much as you! Wooly and in beautiful patterns, they make a great accessory for your winter wear wardrobe, with a jacket or even as a fashion scarf with a shirt. If you want to wear something truly unique that supports communities of artistic people, this is a perfect choice!

This rustic hand made Andean alpaca scarf features your favorite camelid and is perfect for the alpaca lover in your life!

They are handmade in Andean communities which are often set in beautiful locations at altitudes of 12,000+ feet. People there live a primitive existence in harmony with nature and alpacas. There is not a great need for money, therefore sale prices are low. In contrast, machine-spun alpaca costs significantly more. We purchase these alpaca gloves under Fair Trade conditions from local knitters (see our link for details).


Colors: Brown, Black, Grey, Tan

Materials: 100% Alpaca

Size: 60 x 8"

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